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About Me

by alicescookbook

Hi, I’m Alice! I am a food photographer that loves to cook and bake. Everything here is inspired by my passion for bringing people together through cooking. Ever since I was young, home-cooked meals were what brought everyone to the dinner table and I wanted to further that experience. I began by helping my parents cook dinner and gradually took over the kitchen and everything that went along with it. I saw how I could brighten someone’s day with vibrant flavors and I loved how cooking brought together the people that I cared about.

I cook (and bake!) the most for my family, but have also developed extreme meal prepping procedures for stressed college students (me), worked in cooking schools and professional kitchens, and also taken formal culinary courses (hi Statler). I am also currently studying ~hospitality~ at Cornell University!

Food photography was a recent development in my passion but I am loving the versatility and additional layer of creativity the medium brings. Feel free to check out my work on my blog or portfolio!

I love working with new ideas and concepts and am always open to connecting. Please contact me in the form here or email me here. Much love!

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